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Required Warranty Claim Procedure

1. In order for the Limited Warranty to be valid, the warranty registration must be completed within thirty (30) days of purchasing the trailer from a Double A dealer. The responsibility of registering the warranty with Double A Trailers lies with the dealer who sold the trailer, at the time of sale. If this step is not taken by the 30th day after the purchase, all express warranties outlined in the Limited Warranty will become null and void.

2. If a problem with the Double A trailer is discovered, it must be returned to the dealer where it was purchased for inspection within five (5) days of discovering the issue. If the dealer is unable to fix the problem at no cost and a claim needs to be made under this Warranty, a Limited Warranty Claim form must be submitted to Double A Trailers within ten (10) days of discovering the defect by the respective dealer. All necessary information and the claim form can be submitted by fax, email, or online at

3. Double A Trailers will confirm receipt of the claim in writing or verbally to the dealer and will respond as soon as possible, but no later than ten (10) business days. To be eligible for a replacement under this Limited Warranty, any defective part(s) must be returned to Double A Trailers within thirty (30) days of approval, and the claimant must bear the cost of sending the defective part(s) via prepaid freight.

4. Double A Trailers will not reimburse any claimant for the repair or adjustment of a Double A trailer without prior written approval. Furthermore, Double A Trailers reserves the right to refuse to pay unreasonable costs for the repair or replacement of defects in Double A trailers, and may establish a reasonable reimbursement for any authorized work performed under the terms of this Limited Warranty.

5. This Limited Warranty is the only warranty, either express or implied, provided by Double A Trailers, and no other warranties exist beyond those stated on the face of this Limited Warranty.


a) Document your claim with as much information and photos as possible.

b) Contact the Double A Trailer dealer where you originally purchased the trailer from or your nearest dealer within 10 days of discovering the issue. If the dealer is unable to repair the trailer at no cost the dealer will request information and photos to document a claim.

c) The dealer will submit the claim to Double A Trailers on your behalf. The submission should include all the information and photos of the problem found.

d) Double A Trailers Ltd will review the claim and communicate appropriate action required back to the dealer.

e) Double A Trailers does not cover the cost to ship trailer or parts to repair shop or factory. All freight costs are the responsibilty of the customer.

f) If the dealer is unable to perform the repair required, Double A Trailers will work with the dealer to locate an approved repair facility or have the trailer sent back to the factory.