Single Nozzle Water Cannon

Hitch1" Plate w/1.5" Hole
Safety Chains3/8" Grade 70 w/Grab Hooks
Width102" Overall Width (8.5')
LengthTransport = 83'; Field = 100'
Tires & RimsHigh Flotation 23.5" Wide x 46" Tall (600/50-22.5)
Jack12,000 lb Front Pin
CoverageUp to 4 acres
FinishSandblasted, Primed and Painted with PPG Urethane Paint
PTOSmall 1000 1-3/8" 21 Spline
Hydraulic Circuits3
Mud BladeYes
Discharge Boom6"
Drain Valves2" & 1/2"
Suction Screen4'
End GunSingle 2.13"
Tare Weight 5,800 lbs
Suction Boom8" Pipe
Nozzle Flow1300 GPM
Transfer Flow2500 GPM
HP Requirements90 HP
CCColour Change
CSBCatwalk on Suction Booms
EDVElectric Drain Valve
PTO3/4Large PTO - 1000 1-3/4" 20 Spline
QS4.5-7ATV Carrier - Side Mounted
Tires & Rims16.5L-16.1 8-8" I1 10 Ply
MSMurphy Switch Tractor Shutoff
HJHydraulic Jack
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