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Highboy Tilt Trailer

High Boy Trailers are commonly used for hauling heavy machinery, construction equipment, or large and tall cargo that may not fit on standard trailers. The elevated platform, often achieved through the use of larger wheels and a raised frame, accommodates oversized items, offering versatility in transporting various loads.

These trailers are appreciated for their ability to navigate challenging terrains while providing stability during transportation. The term “high boy” reflects the elevated design, which distinguishes these trailers from standard flatbed or lowboy trailers. High Boy Trailers play a crucial role in industries where specialized hauling solutions are required to transport oversized and tall cargo efficiently.

Popular Options

A-Frame Toolbox

7′ Slide In Ramps

HB148T Highboy Tilt Trailer (14,000 GVW)

HB168T Highboy Tilt Trailer (16,000 GVW)