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Cushion Tilt Trailers

Double A Cushion Tilt Trailers redefine the hauling experience with innovative design and cutting-edge technology. These trailers feature a cushion tilt mechanism, enhancing the loading and unloading process with a smooth and controlled operation. The cushion tilt system absorbs shock and minimizes the impact during the transportation of heavy loads, providing an extra layer of protection for valuable cargo.

Crafted with Double A’s commitment to quality and durability, these trailers offer a reliable solution for transporting various loads, from equipment to machinery. The user-friendly design ensures easy operation, while the advanced cushion tilt technology sets these trailers apart in terms of safety and efficiency.

CT147 Cushion Tilt Trailer (14,000 GVW)

CT217 Cushion Tilt Trailer (21,000 GVW)