3500 Gal Liquid Fertilizer Cart

Swivel Point3.5" Greaseable Ball & Socket
Safety ChainsHeavy Duty Implement Chain
Axles10 Stud Spindles with Heavy Axle Shafts
Main Frame6" x 10" x .250"
WiringWiring, Soldered & Split Loomed in tray
PlumbingBanjo Fittings & Valves
Chem Wash Tank15 Gal Tank
Tanks10° @ 102" Diameter with Bottom Discharge
PlatformBargrade Platform with Dual Grab Handles
FinishSandblasted and Painted with PPG Urethane Paint
PumpJohn Blue 9055
Transfer Pump6.5 HP Honda 3" Banjo Pump
Pressure Relief1" Bypass Valve

Sprocket RatioDriveDriven
Wheel Drive#1, 45 tooth
#2, 26 tooth
#1, 9 tooth
#2, 18 tooth
Capacity Gal3500 US (3000 imp)
Front Spindles16,000 lb
Rear Spindles16,000 lb
Front Tire & Rim28L-26 12
Rear Tire & Rim30.5-32 12 R1
Loaded Radius32.3"
Tank2ea, 1500 gal
FWECElectric Clutch (engages & disengages John Blue pump)
FWEVElectric 3 Way Valve (cannot be combined with Electric Clutch)
FWWL2ea, Rear LED Work Lights with Toggle Switch
FWSHSingle Hydraulic Supply Pumps (in lieu of John Blue pump)
FWDHDual Hydraulic Supply Pumps (in lieu of John Blue pump)
HD1111 HP Honda 3" Transfer Pump, Auto Fill
HD1313 HP Honda 3" Transfer Pump, Auto Fill
SER1Bull Pull Hitch (standard on 4650 & 5250)
FWRHRear Receiver Hitch
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